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Microsoft Introduces New Minecraft for HoloLens


Microsoft Introduces New Minecraft for HoloLens

Microsoft yesterday presented the new version of the popular play Minecraft that you created specifically for HoloLens. With this controller you can play Minecraft in a very spectacular way: creating and exploring worlds of the famous videogame through holograms that are created with gestures and voice commands.

Microsoft presented yesterday the new version of Minecraft for HoloLens

The demonstration you made Microsoft at E3 impressed everyone, as he kept the hologram projected by HoloLens on a table as they walked around it while watching the universe of Minecraft, they played moving objects with voice commands and building freely interacting with gestures.

This new version of Minecratf for HoloLens It did not leave anyone indifferent and more than one regular player imagined himself in his living room, playing to create worlds with this fun controller. Finally, Microsoft You mentioned that you want to share more information about your play from Minecraft at Minecon next July.

Here we leave you the video of the impressive staging of the play at E3:

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