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Microsoft introduces Minecraft with the HoloLens


Microsoft introduces Minecraft with the HoloLens

Microsoft had unveiled its HoloLens at the end of January, sparking the interest of many enthusiasts for this type of technology. An accessory of this type can work in many areas, the Redmond company has chosen E3 to present them with a well-known game, Minecraft.

What better than a world-famous game, specially modified for the needs of the HoloLens? With this equipment you can embody your character through a holographic screen projected on a wall, for example. And that’s not all, a simple voice command in this holographic space makes it possible to visualize a particular section of the Minecraft environment on the flat object, whatever it is.

It becomes possible to physically move around to appreciate the smallest details. His own hands allow him to manipulate the camera. What they offer a new dimension to the world famous game.

Microsoft has now made an appointment for all MINECON fans to be held in London on July 4 and 5, 2015. In the meantime, we leave you this video demonstration so that you can talk about

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