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Microsoft begins testing Xbox cloud gaming on the web


Microsoft begins testing Xbox cloud gaming on the web

As revealed by The Verge, Microsoft started testing the Xbox Cloud Gaming on the web. Let’s find out all the details together.

Xbox Cloud Gaming on the web? Microsoft’s first tests

There is no need to ask yourself that what Xbox cloud gaming looks like on the web. The Verge recently revealed that Microsoft has begun testing Xbox’s Cloud Gaming in browsers and pointed out that the experience will be very familiar, especially if you already have it. tried on android devices.

A simple launcher it helps both to start i recent games than to find new ones to play through your subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate which, of course, is necessary.

Testers need a controller for playing Xbox games and testing is currently limited to Chromium browsers such as Chrome or Microsoft Edge. This means that it may take some time before you know what it is like the complete experience.

At the moment it is not even clear what resolution Microsoft is using for the gameplay, although it’s unlikely to be in 4K. Despite this being a closed-door test, Microsoft has promised to make iOS and PC streaming available on the web in spring.

It would appear, therefore, to be a major expansion of Microsoft. The purpose of Microsoft’s cloud gaming is to make Xbox titles available everywhere And everytime. This means that offering a browser option to the public could make the service much more accessible – and help justify that monthly fee of 15 euros.

If you haven’t signed up for the Xbox Game Pass yet, you can fix it by visiting the Xbox official site.

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