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Microsoft announces a major Minecraft update


Microsoft announces a major Minecraft update

During these days, E3 is taking place, the world’s largest video game convention where the leading companies announce their best assets for the year. Looking back, Microsoft bought minecraft 3 years ago and since then, he is trying by all means to get more people to join the cube experience. The truth is that it is not doing badly but it lacked a touch for users to feel fully integrated within the platform. That is why Microsoft has announced Better Together, the great Minecraft update with which all devices with the app installed will be synchronized with each other.

Synchronization finally comes to Minecraft

The update has to do with the synchronization. It will arrive in summer and in it we will be able to see how the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, iOS, VR, macOS and Windows 10 applications will be synchronized with each other. For example: if a DLC is purchased in one of the accounts, you can directly enjoy the package in the rest of the devices in which we are logged in.

Thus Microsoft opens a new door to participation and community building between devices. Another novelty that this great Minecraft update will incorporate is the creation of a server Browser, clarifying that they are not the current private Minecraft Realms but online multiplayer servers. That is, Microsoft will make available to the user four new servers Mineplex, InPVP, Lifeboat and Cubecraft, directly accessible.

And the last big news is the incorporation of 4K graphics. The update will improve graphics across all platforms to improve lighting, textures, and movement within the game itself. In addition, parental control functions, additional security and, of course, user account control will be improved.