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  5. MG Cyberster, the anti-Tesla Roadster is Anglo-Chinese: 800 km of autonomy and retro-modern aesthetics. When will we see it?

MG Cyberster, the anti-Tesla Roadster is Anglo-Chinese: 800 km of autonomy and retro-modern aesthetics. When will we see it?

MG Cyberster, the anti-Tesla Roadster is Anglo-Chinese: 800 km of autonomy and retro-modern aesthetics. When will we see it?

Every time we talked about MG, the English manufacturer, which has just returned to Italy under the Chinese group SAIC, has reiterated its intention to resume all its sporting heritage. And here is that the House anticipates a little surprise MG Cyberster concept, the first sportscar of the reborn English brand. This is the prototype of a fully electric two-seater sports spider, with references to the past of the House and launched in the challenge against Tesla Roadster. It will be presented in a few weeks at the Shanghai Motor Show, but let’s find out what we already know about this car.

The aesthetics of MG Cyberster concept, modern with a touch of MGB

Let’s start with what we can already fully appreciate, namely theaesthetics. In fact, if from a technical and technological point of view there are still no precise details, the lines of MG Cyberster concept are already appreciable. With this third reveal, MG changes stylistic register again. After the conservative EHS, ZS and MG5 and the more “cutting” and modern Marvel R, Cyberster shows another side of the Housethat more futuristic.

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Very sporty lines, with a low ground clearance and extreme stylistic solutions, as befits a concept. It is in fact one Speedster, a two-seater spider without a roof, with two thick humps in the rear that hide the roll-bars. Then there are really eccentric solutions, such as the front with retractable headlightsor better “To eyelid”. When they are turned on, they “open” to illuminate with the entire lighthouse.

At the rear there are LED headlights with a luminous signature reminiscent of the Union Jack, similar to the solution adopted by another English brand … The truncated tail and the partially illuminated rear diffuser however, they give MG Cyberster concept an aggressive and extreme line, but which hides something. Often in fact, behind the typical exaggerations of prototypes, the new trends of a house are hidden, if looked at carefully. And dwelling on MG Cyberster concept we notice some soft and sinuous linesespecially on the front, with the MG logo illuminated in the center.

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In the intentions of the designers, the front so long, soft and almost retro is a reference to a glorious model of the House: MGBthe legendary sports car produced from 1962 to 1980, an icon among the small British sports cars of the 60s and 70s, as well as the large front vent for cooling and the LED strip, which refers to the chrome bumpers of the 50s and ’60.

Carl Gotham, Director of SAIC Design Advanced in London: “A concept that builds our future”

With Cyberster Concept, MG returns to propose, even if for now as a prototype, a sports car, 10 years after the withdrawal of MG TF from the English market. A return to the origins by the English house of the SAIC Group, but which is also one courageous declaration of intent by MG. Think the same too Carl Gotham, the Director of SAIC Design Advanced in Londonthe English Style Center that designs all the latest MGs.

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“Cyberster is a strong statement that looks strongly into MG’s future. It has references to our glorious past, but above all it is built directly on our cutting-edge technology and our advanced design language. Sports cars are the lifeblood of MG’s DNAand Cyberster is an incredibly exciting prototype for us. “

Mechanics and technology: 800 km of autonomy, 0-100 km / h in less than 3 seconds and .. 5G

MG Cyberster concept not only incorporates the next stylistic language of the House, but will also anticipate the new technologies which we will see in the future on MG models. Starting with the union between technical and mechanical performances of relief with a great attention to technology.

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On a technical and performance level, Cyberster puts on the plate definitely interesting performances. The mechanical base was created to be full electric, and houses a battery pack capable of guaranteeing up to 800 km of autonomy. Definitely important numbers, which go hand in hand with theacceleration like a true Supercar, with 0-100 km / h covered in less than 3 seconds.

However, the sheer performance of the MG Cyberster concept is not impressive. The Anglo-Chinese House is investing heavily intechnological offer of its cars, and this two-seater spider is no exception. Along with the front and rear LED headlights, the sides are also equipped with LED lighting while climbing inside the interior is sporty and compact, but incredibly avant-garde. There are screens almost everywhereincluding the fully digital instrument panel, while between the two seats there is a very large vertical screen.

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But it doesn’t stop there. If the first V2X system will debut on MG Marvel R, i.e. connectivity between the vehicle and any surrounding infrastructure including cars, roads, signs and so on, Cyberster includes 5G connectivityalso this declined both from the car to the outside and from the outside to the car, for a perfect fit interconnectivity between the car and the surrounding world.

MG Cyberster concept programs: debut at the end of April, on the road in the next two years?

For now this is all we know about the MG Cyberster concept. Its official debut in… metal and batteries is expected for Shanghai exhibitionexpected between 21 and 28 April 2021 in the Chinese city. In those days we should discover everything that hides this interesting concept. MG proves once more to be serious, and yours force with which it has re-proposed on the European market we like it, it intrigues us. But what do you think? Do you like this new brand? And what do you think of this MG Cyberster? Let us know in the comments and on our social channels!

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