Mexico: Tweets and blogs against the shootings of drug traffickers and the impassivity of the authorities

If you browse the online versions of the main Mexican newspapers, it is easy to come across news that talks about drug trafficking, although unfortunately they are always few and completely « official ». Mexico has long suffered from the cancer of drug trafficking, but both the media and the authorities insist on sending the message that « nothing is happening here », or that it is happening, but it is not that serious and that it is to fight, effectively, against the epidemic of shootings and deaths.

They lie. The reality is very different from what the official script indicates, and I'm not saying it, that's what those who live day after day with deaths, shootings in the streets, fear, impassiveness and even threats say. I am referring, obviously, to the Mexican people, who have had enough of the silence and use the Internet and its tools to write their own chronicles about the situation in various regions of the country.

A good example to illustrate what was said can be found on Twitter and the hashtags #reynosafollow and #reynosa. These two labels are used by the twitter community of the Mexican city of Reynosa, in which the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas maintain a bloody war with the streets as the battlefield, to denounce the chaos that the population is experiencing and also warn their peers of dangerous situations. Another example, this time in the form of a blog, can be found in All About Drug Trafficking in Mexico, a publication dedicated to exposing and reporting on the cancer of drug trafficking.

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And that said, “all that glitters is not gold.” Maintaining and being part of this movement is not easy, the “mainstream media” in Mexico have already tried several times to discredit all these tools and drug traffickers are also starting to use them as another channel to sow fear. But despite this, here the rules are different, here the masses rule, and the masses are tired of being silent and putting up with it. So I hope that this whole movement will continue to grow and not be “dirty”, the Mexican people must continue to denounce to the world the situation in which many live because of drug trafficking and the impassivity and inefficiency of the authorities. Cheer on Mexico, cheer on yourself.

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