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Meta and Ray-Ban come together to mark the trend of the future

Meta and Ray-Ban come together to mark the trend of the future

Do you know the Ray-Bans? I guess so. But do you know the Ray-Ban Stories And what can be done with them? We are talking about a mythical eyewear brand that has been modernized to the point of mixing the most iconic of its signature with the most innovative of the future. We are talking a lot about Apple’s new augmented reality glasses, but There is something similar on the market that we can use from now on. These sunglasses, together with the Meta company, will allow us to do in 2022 things imaginable for 2050.

We’re still talking a lot about the rumors about Apple’s augmented reality glasses. Whether they show up or not. That if they will cost that or the other. There are still many unknowns that other companies have taken advantage of to get ahead of themselves and launch a product on the market that, without being the same, can give an idea of ​​how the future will be handled in this field. We are talking about Meta’s partnership with Ray-Ban and his Stories model with which we can, for example, answer WhatsApp without using our hands. We are talking about a product that has existed for quite some time, but that in the end it has managed to advance.

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The Ray-Ban Stories were born as one of the first bets of what we used to know as Facebook and that now encompasses much more in what has been called Meta. It is already a reality that we can find in stores and that we can acquire without problems. The association between both companies will allow, for example, we can unite the virtual world with the real world. At the moment there are many theories that we have about what they will be able to do, but we have as reality what they can already do.

Meta has announced news for Ray-Ban Stories, focused on integration with WhatsApp and Messenger, using the network of the mobile app, we can talk to our contacts as if we were using the smartphone, but without looking away. In other words, users will soon be able to respond directly to WhatsApp and Messenger messages with voice commands.

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The future is already here and Apple can miss it.