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MediaWorld flyer: current gaming offers


MediaWorld flyer: current gaming offers

The new one is out MediaWorld flyer valid until 12 September 2021. The offers of this period are dedicated to gaming: seats, steering wheels, controllers, mice, keyboards. It is not every day to find a flyer entirely designed for gamers, often the offers are more generalist. We took a good look at it and selected some of the most profitable products.

The offers of the MediaWorld flyer

Among the many items on sale, some have caught our attention, especially with regards to keyboards, steering wheels, mice, armchairs. What makes a gaming session perfect.


Comfort above all: the comfortable design of the gamign armchair HP OMEN, offers a spacious seat, thick cushions and a high back for better posture while playing. The height and angle are adjustable, plus there are lumbar cushions and neck support. Discounted of 100 euros, you can find it on MediaWorld at 259 euros.

MediaWorld flyer: gaming mice on sale

There are several discounted gaming mice. Among the most convenient The mouse Logitech G502 HERO wireless. With 1ms super-fast wireless connectivity. A next-generation HERO sensor delivers 16k DPI performance and energy efficiency, up to 60 hours of uninterrupted gameplay. Eleven programmable buttons allow you to optimize the game, the main buttons are equipped with metal spring tension for fast and precise operation. I discount a 99.99 euros.

Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing

The G29 gaming steering wheel is designed for the latest console racing gamesand PlayStation 4 and PlayStation3. G29 Driving Force works even on PC using Logitech Gaming Software. Great for making races hyper realistic.
You will feel the wheels on all types of curves and road surfaces, skidding in the event of understeer or oversteer and much more. The mighty return of two-motor force realistically simulates the effects of force in order to react accurately. Caution: instead of 409 euros the price drops to 199 euros!

Razer gaming headset

Headphones RAZER Kraken Ultimate are discounted by almost 50 euros. They offer great comfort during gaming marathons thanks to ear pads designed to reduce heat build-up and exert minimal pressure on the head. With 16.8 million colors and a wide range of effects, The ear cups of the headphones light up with adjustable underglow lighting, for a truly personalized look. There are also many discounted headphones that you can see at this link.

On the MediaWorld flyer also RAZER Power Up Bundle

A really affordable offer: you can win a Bundle consisting of: Razer Cynosa Lite Keyboard, Razer Viper Mouse, Razer Kraken X Lite Headphones. All for 99.99 euros. Products with a quality design, with soft and amortized keys, fully programmable and the ambidextrous wired mouse with optical keys. Also great as a gift idea for some friend or gamer friend.

You can consult all the offers in the MediaWorld flyer by clicking here. You will find many other discounted gaming products in discounts. MediaWorld also offers the option of buy discontinued products at a discount, saving considerable amounts.