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MediaTek is the largest chip company in the world

MediaTek is the largest chip company in the world

An important piece of hardware in a smartphone is the processor and, globally, there are only a handful of manufacturers. Among the most popular of these we findo Qualcomm and MediaTek, in particular the latter deals with mid-range and entry-level processors. With the publication of his series Dimeinsityit seems that MediaTek has become the largest chip company in the world.

MediaTek is the world’s largest chip company

A few days ago, the CEO of MediaTek, Cai Lixing, said the company is already the largest smartphone SoC maker in the world, further explaining that it will continue to maintain growth momentum in the months to come. Third quarter earnings results confirm these statements: “We are now the largest smartphone SoC maker globally, our North American Android smartphone market share will exceed 35% in 2021,” a spokesperson explained. occasion.

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The chip industry is becoming more and more central to the activities of smartphone manufacturers and many of them make use of the MediaTek range. The series Redmi Note 11, for example, it uses all Dimensity chips, and is still one of the most popular and relevant lineup of Xiaomi / Redmi smartphones.

It is no coincidence, in this scenario, that many Android manufacturers are starting to devote their time to chip design, possibly trying to dent the business of Qualcomm and MediaTek. However, Cai Lixing explained that this will not affect the company’s market performance, specifying that the market can be expanded to include all players currently active in the market.

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Regarding the scarcity of raw materials, the company stated that this is likely to last until 2023.