McLaren confirms discussions with Apple

In late September, the Financial Times reported that Apple was considering a full acquisition of McLaren or a strategic investment in the Formula 1 automaker. The New York Times and Bloomberg separately reported that talks were underway, noting that it was more than likely that Apple would ultimately choose to make a significant investment in the company rather than acquire it. As soon as the news was published, the British car firm denied that the two companies sat at the same table in order to reach an agreement that would benefit both parties.

But two months later, it turns out those reports were correct. In an interview given to Reuters by the boss of McLaren Automotive, Mike Flewitt, this claims McLaren held talks with Apple, but said the talks had not progressed positively. He also ruled out a possible purchase offer from Apple.

There was no attempted purchase by Apple. They visited us, we talked, we talked about what they did, we talked about what we did. We were never able to reach a possible mutually beneficial agreement.

When the British team came out to deny possible purchase rumors, claimed they were not in negotiations with Apple to make a significant investment in the company, but at no time denied that the two companies were in negotiations.

As we announced to you a few months ago, Apple's interest in launching its own vehicle has been canceledat least momentarily, a cancellation that occurred shortly after the publication of this rumor, which could indicate that the last trick that Apple wanted to play was to partner with a prestigious team in order to carry out the ambitious project of launching a vehicle under its acronyms.

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