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Mass Effect: Is the TV Series Coming?

Mass Effect: Is the TV Series Coming?

According to what emerged during the past few hours, the Amazon Studios they would be very close to reaching an agreement with Electronic Arts for the production of a Mass Effect TV series. The news was released by the editors of Deadline and at the moment we don’t have many details about the production, but Jennifer Salke, the Amazon Studios boss said the company will continue to invest in this kind of fantasy and science fiction product.

Amazon Studios: is a TV series on Mass Effect coming?

The success of the fantasy series Wheel of Time clearly shows why Amazon is focusing heavily on the fantasy and sci-fi genre: Salke revealed that the series was one of the five best launches of all time for Prime Video, adding that tens of millions of views were recorded and high engagement rates.

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There have been rumors of Mass Effect lately, as EA just recently said it’s not a question of if, but when a game-based TV series will be made. The Witcher star Henry Cavill he also hinted at a series of Mass Effect in a cryptic Instagram post that shows a blurry text attributable to the space videogame saga.

The times could actually be ripe, also thanks to the release of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, which arrived earlier this year with up-to-date gameplay and graphics, as well as generally good reviews. The Mass Effect saga first debuted in 2007 with the first title, a third-person shooter with heavily story-centered RPG elements.

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The narrative of the series would lend itself very well to being transposed into a television product, given that it is very rich in information and incredibly interesting ideas.