Marvel's Avengers: some spoilers on the game's plot have leaked


  • Official information about the new Marvel video game
  • Marvel's Avengers rumors

Marvel's Avengers is one of the most anticipated video games of this year, and the September 4, 2020. So it's no wonder that rumors about the characters and plot are coming out. But we didn't expect some fundamental news to leak, like who the main enemy will be.

Official informationon the new Marvel video game

We know the beginning of the story. We told you about it after the panel we attended at Lucca Comics, where Marvel answered the most pressing questions about the game developed by Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics, but avoiding revealing too much.

The game begins in San Francisco, where the Avengers are gathered for an event called A day. However, an unexpected attack spoils the party and is only stopped by our heroes after the sacrifice from one of the founding members of the superhero team: Captain America.

After that, Marvel limited itself to confirming that Tyrant And Abomination will be some of the villains featured in the game. But more or less, official information is limited here. The unofficials, however, go much further.

Take the next rumors with a grain of salt: they come from 4chanvia ScreenGeek. It's nothing confirmed, but this all seems like enough credible information. And too juicy not to mention. If you want avoid (possible) spoilers, do not go further ! We warned you.

Marvel's Avengers rumors

  • The main enemy will be AIM (Advanced Mechanical Ideas), the evil company which will work in concert with the Kreethe aliens we saw in the Captain Marvel movie.
  • Captain Americawho as we said sacrifices himself at the start of the game, it's really alivea prisoner in an AIM facility.
  • Kamala Khan will have the task of reuniting the Avengers after the A-Day event.
  • MODOK will reveal himself to be the mastermind behind the A-Day attack, and will aim to subjugate the citizens of New York.
  • In the game they will appear, in minor roles, Hawkeye, Hank Pym and Ultron.
  • We will visit Wakandafor the first time in a video game.
  • Video game events Spiderman for PS4 will be linked to those of Marvel's Avengers, and will be an indirect sequel.
  • At the end of the game, Kamala Khan will officially become Ms. Marvelbut will refuse to join the Avengers.
  • A post-credit scene will show a shapeshifting Skrull member coming to Earth, and yes transforms into Stan Lee.
Disney, a new Marvel franchise after Avengers 4

I repeat: we are not sure that any of these events will come to pass. But some of them look really interesting. We just have to wait until september to play it.