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Martin Luther King is the protagonist today on the Apple website

Martin Luther King is the protagonist today on the Apple website

Apple has always been characterized as a company committed to progress, not only technological, but also human. His campaigns in favor of human rights, aid for various humanitarian tasks, awareness regarding care for the environment and for the rights of minorities are already known, being features that differentiate it from other large global companies.

Today, although many will be focused on the International Croquette Day (yes, it exists and is celebrated today), it is also an important day in the United States, since Marin Luther King Day is celebrated. Although the day in his memory is actually January 15, coinciding with his birthday, the festivity always moves to the third Monday of January. Therefore, on this occasion both coincide.

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It is for this reason, and given the great influence that Martin Luther King has had throughout history in the fight for rights and equality, that Apple has decided to make a permanent tribute to his figure today, dedicating the cover of its website to him (in English). It is not the first time that Apple has changed its main page to honor an important figure for the entire world or for the US in particular. In it we can see a photo of him accompanied by the following quote:

“Commit to the noble fight for equal rights. You will make yourself a better person, your country a better nation, and a better world to live in.”

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Likewise, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, posted a tweet this morning on his personal account in which he said that from Apple they honor the work of Martin Luther King helping to achieve justice and equality. It was accompanied by a quote as well:

We may have all come in different boats, but now we are in the same one.

We honor #MLK by working to help achieve justice and equality. “We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.” pic.twitter.com/dVQfg3CTSd

— Tim Cook (@tim_cook) January 16, 2017