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Many apps use Minecraft to spread adware and steal credentials

Many apps use Minecraft to spread adware and steal credentials

A recent Kaspersky investigation confirms that Minecraftone of the most famous and appreciated video games in the world, in addition to attracting users, it turns out to be very popular with scammers. THEThe Kaspersky research team, in fact, analyzed various apps (including apps available on the Google Play Store) that defined themselves modpack of Minecraft, promising to add extra content to the game. Many of the apps analyzed are malicious and spread adware or steal login credentials to social media to users.

The number of malicious apps that take advantage of the Minecraft game is very high

Kaspersky’s investigation found out many apps related to Minecraft unable to send adware infecting your device with lots of unsolicited advertising. These apps are able to launch advertisements even without having been opened by the user. It will be enough to install them to find yourself having to deal with aggressive advertising.

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There are also applications capable of stealing login credentials to social media (for example by requesting registration through your Facebook account). All malicious apps found were reported to Google for removal.

For more details on Kasperky’s investigation into malicious apps that exploit Minecraft, you can take a look at the Kaspersky blog.

Kaspersky’s comment

Igor Golovin, Kaspersky security expert, comments the survey results: “Unfortunately, deleting applications from official stores is not always enough to get rid of these malware. In fact, we note that usually the developers, using different accounts in order not to be recognized, upload new modified and renamed versions to the store. That’s why we always recommend installing a reliable security solution that prevents malicious programs from being downloaded. Acting at this early stage helps to bypass potential threats, leaving room only for fun ”