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MacBook and AirPods, what to expect from today’s Apple event

MacBook and AirPods, what to expect from today’s Apple event

After recently launching the iPhone 13 and Apple Watch Series 7, Apple is expected to announce new ones MacBook Pro and AirPods at today’s event. Called Apple Unleashedtoday’s event at 19 Italian will see great news arrive from the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park in Cupertino.

MacBook and AirPods: the news coming from today’s Apple event

Apple has decided to delay its announcements, to give the many tech enthusiasts a chance to enjoy the announcements (and time in the supply chain to get the chips). So after announcing smartphones and smartwatches, Apple is now ready to introduce the new laptops.

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The new MacBook Pros will need to have a “homemade” chip from Apple, as happened with the recent announcement of the MacBook Pro 13. Larger-screen laptops may have an updated version of the ARM chip, which could be called Silicon M1 Pro while another model M1 Max. The goal is to bring even more computing power, especially graphics, but allowing the battery to last much longer. The chips should have a maximum of 10 cores, with 8 high-performance and 2 low-power.

In addition to the chip, it seems that Apple wants to bring novelties, such as the notch on the screen to insert an advanced facial recognition, without giving up on increasing the body / screen ratio. Also there are some changes seen in the latest MacBook Pros to be eliminated, such as the Touch Bar instead of function keys. There are also rumors of the return of HDMI and reader of SD cards.

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And then the arrival of the 32GB of RAMthe ability to have a Double Retina resolution in 4K and even the wireless charging. But it has to be seen which of these features can really find space in tonight’s announcement.

In addition to laptops, a new generation of AirPodswith noise reduction but with a lower price than the Pro.

We just have to wait for tonight, we will keep you updated with all the news coming.