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Lucca final act, the diary of the fourth day

Lucca final act, the diary of the fourth day

Today it closes Lucca Comics & Games 2021. The event comes to an end after four intense days, preceded by weeks of organization and preparation. A closure in a light rain – the weather has blessed us too much to be autumn – but that hasn’t stopped the fans in any way. So let’s go with the last appointment of our travel diary through the Tuscan streets.

Lucca Comics & Games, last hours among the most anticipated films

Last night we said goodbye with the announcement of an incredible preview. The public and the press who flocked to Lucca Comics & Games were in fact able to discover Ghostbusters: Legacy, the highly anticipated third chapter that brings the Ghostbusters back to the room. In the dining room, as you can imagine, the atmosphere was that of great occasions. A real party with fans in raptures, excited by the idea of ​​seeing this saga on the big screen. We will talk about the film in detail later, but the magic of last night is already a unique memory in itself.

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From one preview to another, from a saga of the past to a more recent one. In fact, today the screening of Eternalsnew chapter of Marvel Cinematic Universe, which drew huge crowds at the Astra Cinema. After all, superhero fans here are naturally very numerous and even here the excitement was really high. In short, two other exceptional events at Lucca Comics & Games 2021.

But that’s not all. Even the last day of this event was full of exciting encounters, scattered through the streets of the city. An example is the presentation of Black Oceanthe new adventure of a pillar of the history of world comics as Corto Maltese. Bastien Vives And Martin Quenehen they have collected the legacy of Hugo Pratt to tell this character in a new and original way, as they explained to the public in the Church of San Giovanni.

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And again, a lot of waiting for Rip along the edges, the TV series created by Zerocalcare. Many flocked to the Teatro del Giglio to find out more about this project, which is coming to Netflix in a few days. An opportunity to have small but significant previews, waiting for the show’s debut.

So how did it go?

Lucca final act, the diary of the fourth day

In these last hours of the fair, while we reflect on the latest events and think about what we can still buy, we also have an active mind in taking stock of this edition. This is undoubtedly a particular year for Lucca Comics & Games and this has led to some changes with respect to tradition, as well as some organizational difficulties and imprecision.

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However, in spite of everything, returning here to the streets of this extraordinary city, finding corners and friends who have been missing for some time was incredible. Even if compared to usual, for safety reasons, there were fewer people present (we are talking about a little more than 100,000 admissions over the weekend) the heat came very strong. As we said in the first issue of our diary, it was enough to look out onto a newly filled Piazza Napoleone to make us move.

To conclude this report, the writer asked his fellow adventurers for small quotes to summarize the experience, which you can find below. A way to underline how much Lucca Comics & Games is and remains a collective adventure, where teamwork is fundamental.

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“There are races against time (and for the city), queues and all the other hardships. But the shared passions of the fans and the love for what they do of cartoonists, authors and artists of all kinds sends a unique electric shock. Lucca Comics & Games is truly a community. And it feels. Not just because everyone was wearing Squid Game sweatshirts ”.

– Stefano Regazzi

Now we greet you. Let’s go and follow the last appointments of the day, take a few laps around the stands and above all we focus on a fundamental aspect of every trip (especially in Tuscany): no, this time it is not the dinner, but the future. The road to the next edition of Lucca Comics & Games starts as soon as the previous one ends. We already can’t wait to come back here. We will hear from you again in 2022!