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Lucca Comics and Games: there is a dedicated store on Amazon

Lucca Comics and Games: there is a dedicated store on Amazon

Lucca Comics and Games: great news. In fact, Amazon.it is confirmed as the reference e-commerce of the event for fans of comics, manga, graphic novels and pop culture.

Lucca Comics and Games: what is in the store

In the dedicated store www.amazon.it/luccacomicsandgames you can find previews and great classics of comics that will conquer not only the longtime fans of the festival but also those who want to discover, little by little, this magical world. Also because comics and manga are the third most popular literary genre on Amazon.it, as confirmed by Amazon.it’s latest ranking on the most widely read genres in various Italian cities.

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Among the novelties that will surely intrigue the public also the masterpiece of Disney, TopoPrincipe, One piece. Celebration edition. Ediz. special (Vol. 99) of Star Comicsthe casket Panini Comics from the futuristic manga of Tsutomu Nihei, Blame! Master edition, or Frieren. After the end of the journey (Vol. 1), splendid fantasy shonen by BD editions, created by Kanehito Yamada and designed by Tsukasa Abe.

Amazon Comics Award: initiative and possibility of participation

After the success of 2020, from 22 September to 1 November, the new edition of the initiative resumes Amazon Comics Award: Comic book lovers will be able to choose their favorite work from among 21 nominees from authors and publishers. In addition, those who vote for the winning comic of the initiative will receive an Amazon.co.uk Discount Coupon worth € 5.

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To participate in the vote, simply log in with your Amazon.it account on the site https://www.amazoncomicsaward.it/, click on the cover of your favorite comic and select the “vote” button.

The special appointments reserved for Amazon.it customers: five online meetings with big names in the comics, illustration and pop culture industries that will soon be unveiled.