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  5. Lost Soul Aside arrives on PlayStation 5: the graphics are stunning

Lost Soul Aside arrives on PlayStation 5: the graphics are stunning

Lost Soul Aside arrives on PlayStation 5: the graphics are stunning

The developer Ultizero Games, during the PlayStation China Press Conference 2021, announced that Lost Soul Aside will also come up PS5 along with its previously announced PlayStation 4 version. Below we report the gameplay video which highlights the wonderful graphics of the title.

Lost Soul Aside will arrive on PS5: here is the trailer

Lost Soul Aside is currently scheduled for PS4, PS5 and PC. The title will not come on Xbox Series X | S at least for the first 12 months of its future debut, due to the involvement of Sony in the publication of the game.

Lost Soul Aside has been in development since about five years by now, but we still don’t know when players will be able to get their hands on this action RPG. However, the trailer above marks an important milestone: it offers indeed the first look at the title after the last video published in 2018. This means the release of the game it could be very close.

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The game follows the story of Kazer and his fellow dragon, Arena, one of the last remaining in circulation. These two unlikely heroes go on an adventure in which they will have to search for a mysterious crystal. At the same time the two will have to kill monsters And take down powerful rivals.

Moreover, the two strange companions will begin to develop an intense relationship of friendship and trust.

One of the aspects that the title highlights is the way in which players will have to take down the enemies. The title seems to offer the right balance between fast paced action combat the likes of Devil May Cry, Ninja Gaiden and even Final Fantasy. At the same time it also shows a bright graphics which includes particle effects and high frame rates.

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All this is enclosed in a crazy looking game which allows Kazer to use his dragon companion in combat while defeating powerful and terrifying bosses. For more information, you can consult the official Twitter account of the game.