Liam Gallagher says he hates all these rock stars who complain about downloads

What a day of interesting statements we have. Interesting for some of course, others after reading them are surely twisting in their chair because of the money earned by receiving royalties, eh Teddy? But what I'm going to do is disperse.

If I published a post a few hours ago in which I echoed the statements of the Italian Minister of the Interior, Robert Maroniabout downloads via the Internet, now the one who spoke on this subject is the rock legend Liam Gallagher, the former singer of Oasis. And boy did he talk.

More specifically to the question, do people who illegally download music from the Internet bother you? Gallagher replied (emphasis mine):

Downloading music is the same as I used to do, I recorded the songs I liked from the radio. That does not bother me. I hate all these stupid rock stars who complain, at least they download your ******* music, idiot, and pay attention to you, you know what I mean? They should understand this, what are they complaining about? They have five ******* mansions, so shut up.

Friend Gallgher, despite the fact that you kick me in the stomach and that with fewer tacos we can also express ourselves well, you are more right than a saint. And I don't add another line, which is not necessary.

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