LG: presented the new AI DD combination refrigerators and washing machines


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LG Electronics, a leading brand in the household appliances market, is launching two new product ranges with high technological value: i combination refrigerators and the AI ​​DD range of washing machines, made from consumer needs. Consumption habits are constantly evolving: needs, lifestyles, sensitivities and therefore also consumers' choices and approaches to household appliances have changed.

Reducing waste has become a priority for many consumers. LG's product innovation responds precisely to these needs and, in particular, meets the needs of consumers that they wantwaste less food, clothes, planet resources, money and save more, without sacrificing design and smart functions.

This is why LG has created a new range of combination refrigerators and the AI ​​DD range of washing machines.


Thanks to the integrated DoorCooling and Linear Cooling technologies, the new combined refrigerators are able to guarantee a constant temperature inside the refrigerator, so as to keep food fresh and longer offering energy performance of the highest A+++ standard.

Also AI DD, the new range of washing machines is characterized by very low energy consumption, reaching, in the high-end model, the class A+++ – 50%offering at the same time reduced washing times (only 39″ ) and an artificial intelligence system capable of automatically recognizing fabrics and identifying the most appropriate wash for each of them.

All this, with increased load capacity without affecting the external dimensions. Increasingly advanced features, designed to offer more time to spend with loved ones and more enjoyable activities.


Additionally, LG's home appliances offer elegant design lines which integrate perfectly with the domestic environments in which they are inserted.

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For example, on the new combination refrigerators, the handles have been completely removed, integrating them directly into the door in order to create greater continuity with the kitchen furniture. The display also follows this principle, present in high-end models in mode metal keywhich fits perfectly into the door and gives the refrigerator a minimal and refined line.

Likewise, also for washing machines AI DD the design has been revised compared to previous models, trying to combine practicality and aesthetics: a tempered glass window for greater resistance, a metal **** which gives more elegance and a display which has expanded to offer its users an increasingly simple user experience.

Smart functions

Finally, both product lines are equipped with a series of smart functions and via LG's proprietary open artificial intelligence platform SmartThinQallow products to be managed remotely, for example by controlling the refrigerator temperature which can be increased or decreased according to needs or the progress of the laundry, or by unloading the washing programs washing machine by choosing the ones that best suit your needs. Finally, some of AI DD's smart functions (e.g. program selection, start or stop, checking remaining time, etc.) are compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so washing can be managed remotely. using simple voice commands.

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