LG Electronics: range of Multidoor Slim refrigerators available

LG Electronicsleading brand on the refrigeration market, offers a new range of refrigerators compact multi-door that meets the needs of those who have little space in the kitchen but who do not want to give up all the comforts of a large refrigerator.

This is how he was born the LG Multidoor Slim rangethe only one capable of locking in just 83 centimeters large (7 less than standard market sizes) all the advantages of large capacity refrigerators.

The first and innovative functionality present in the new range is contained in the drinks and ice dispenser. Usually absent from refrigerators in the category, thanks to the innovative system Slim Space More, LG offers its customers the possibility of also finding it in the Multidoor Slim, offering its many advantages and reducing the space dedicated to it inside the refrigerator.

The ability to keep food fresher and longer is of paramount importance to LG. For this reason, on the occasion of the launch of Multidoor Slim refrigerators, LG has studied and implemented two different technologies that go precisely in this direction. Door cooling + And Linear coolingtwo innovative systems that work in tandem to create the optimal conditions for better preservation of food and extend its life in excellent conditions inside the refrigerator, thus contributing to the reduction of waste.

Technical characteristics

Technology Door cooling + works thanks to a jet of cold air in the upper part of the refrigerator, helping to maintain the temperature always uniform near the door, even when the refrigerator is open. At the same time, Linear Cooling™ it ensures a constant temperature thanks to automatic control that maintains fluctuations within ± 0.5 ° C, a fundamental factor for food freshness.

Does anyone else besides LG like this mobile prototype?

With an always elegant design, the LG Multidoor Slim also allows, thanks to the innovative Linear Inverter compressor 10-year warranty, to reduce energy consumption by 32% and noise by 25%for ever greater reliability and durability.

The new Multidoor Slim from LG Electronics also has a series of internal features aimed at increasing the performance of the product and providing its customers with a high-level user experience. The presence of 8 ventilation openings placed on each shelf of the refrigerator, for better distribution of the cold inside; the folding shelf that can be adjusted to store tall, bulky bottles or vases; the Pure N Fresh device, which eliminates unpleasant odors; right through to humidity-controlled drawers to best preserve all types of food.

In addition, among the Slim Multidoor models there will also be a door-in-door model with InstaView technology, the now famous window with knock knock technology that allows you to look inside the refrigerator without opening it, avoiding a unnecessary dispersion of cold air.

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