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  • Marvel's Avengers – Multiplayer mode confirmed
  • War and customization

It's right over there Table before war dedicated to Marvel's Avengersthe title for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One x and Steam, which is scheduled to launch on September 4.

In less than half an hour, Casey Lyncheditorial director of Square Enix, opened up a world of what awaits us in the next console title that Crystal dynamics is brewing for all of us and one that fans of history's most famous superheroes are certainly eager to get their hands on. If a good 25 minutes of live streaming seems short to me, you are not entirely right, and we will explain to you straight away what was presented.

Marvel's Avengers – Multiplayer mode confirmed

At first, they were superheroes, distinct from each other, not yet united except by the common goal of saving planet Earth and its inhabitants from the evil goals of the resistance, known as the Goal. Among the superheroes present in the title, the name of appears immediately Kamala Khana character who still remained practically unused and unused in cinema films.

Five years after A-Day, this powerful young woman comes into possession of truly important and sensitive information. For this reason, she decides to attack her paladins to help them reassemble the team.

This first round table opens with an in-depth look at a section of the game entitled “Once an Avengers”, dedicated to single player mode video game. The wording is clear: the message to all viewers appears on the screen that the images broadcast are directly taken from a pre-built version of the gameplay.

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Therefore, authenticity and, therefore, the status of officiality and finality probably do not have the full green light yet, but we are almost there. What makes us say that this wasn't exactly the final version that we will have in our hands? For example the fact that there were no statistics on the screensuch as experience indicators and vital bars, in addition to Other details usually present and which certainly cannot be missing in a title of this type and caliber.

The power of the combat is truly breathtaking, all of this in perfect cyberpunk style which always rates both the games and the battle moments from the films. As we said then, not only single player but also multiplayer, also officially announcing the presence of this certainly very coveted and very welcome mode. The cooperative mode that counts up to 4 players.

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Marvel's Avengers

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War and customization

Cooperation with our friends couldn't be more exciting, judging by the War zones featured in the live broadcast. In fact, on this point we have more details: the fights will take place both in large open areas and in interior areas. All always driven by teamwork conducted among AIM research facilities, explored for rewards, equipment and experience points.

Going instead to the individual characters, we can say that we will have many specifications to customize, starting with the aesthetics of the costumes, which can also be purchased on the market. We will be able to unlock many new skins inspired by comics, movies and many other appearances, including Iron Man's armor taken from Original Sin, or Donald Blake, the pseudonym of Thor who appeared in Journey Into Mystery.

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What more can we ask for? A later war table, as promised at the end by Lynch himself, before releasing some truly delicious works of art that further increased our curiosity, if possible. A game with truly intense and tough gameplay is expected, at least according to the premise.

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