Leslie Nielsen, the king of absurdist movies, has passed away

In the world of cinema, as is normal and inevitable, there are also gray moments and in the last few hours one of those has occurred: yesterday, Sunday, November 28 Leslie Nielsen died, comic actor known worldwide and loved by many. The news began to circulate early on Sunday as a rumor and then Leslie’s representative confirmed the fact and assured that the actor died surrounded by his closest family and friends.

Obviously Leslie Nielsen He will not go down in film history for being a high-level performer and there are not a few who consider that most of his films are simply worthless. Now, what is indisputable is that Nielsen handled absurd humor like nobody else, that he and his grimaces relaunched this type of humor in the film industry, and that millions of individuals spread throughout the world belonging to several different generations have laughed to exhaustion with some of his films.

Specifically, he shot nothing more and nothing less than more than a hundred films (by the way, his last appearance was in a Spanish one, Spanish Movie) among which we find such mythical titles as for example “Airplane!” (known for “Land as you can!” in Spain and “Where is the pilot?” in Latin America) or “The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!” (“Grab him as you can!” in Spain and “Where is the police?” in Hispanomérica). But he didn’t only live on humor movies Leslie Nielsen, in his filmography we find, for example, the science fiction film “Forbbiden Planet” (“Forbidden Planet” in Spanish) or the drama “Loca” that he played with Barbra Sreisand. She also participated in various television programs and series.

Rats at the KFC

So even though Nielsen wasn’t an Al Pacino or a Jack Nicholson, I wanted to join the mourning and thank you for making so many people laugh in recent years, something priceless in these times. see you forever Leslie Nielsen.

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