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Lenovo Virtual Showroom is born: a 360-degree digital environment

Lenovo Virtual Showroom is born: a 360-degree digital environment

Lenovo Virtual Showroom is a digital environment that allows you to find out about the brand’s products and services and interact with the sales staff in the physical stores.

Lenovo Virtual Showroom: a digital and interactive space

The Lenovo Virtual Showroom, virtual showcase dedicated to the brand’s smart technologies. This is a real digital environment, in which users can discover the products and interact with the sales staff. The portal faithfully reproduces all the environments of Spazio Lenovo, with 3D images and technical data sheets.

The Virtual Showroom, which now opens its “doors” in web preview, can be visited at this link. It will also be available in preview with a fully customized layout on the Unieuro e-commerce site, where in addition to interacting with the sales staff and viewing the products, it will be possible to purchase them online. Once the order has been placed, the user can choose between shipping or collection at a Lenovo Space point. There shipping is free throughout Italy.

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“Lenovo Virtual Showroom allows our customers a new experience to interact with Lenovo’s products and brand anywhere,” he commented. Natasha Perfetti, Lenovo’s Country Marketing Manager for Italy. “As part of our customer centricity strategy, we want to connect directly with consumers. To do this, we offer them an integration to the experience they live in the store. So customers can take advantage of a rich system of contents and points of contact ”.

A project born in the name of digitization

“Since summer 2020, impacted by restrictions and the need for social distancing, Unieuro has introduced distinctly omnichannel services. These allow remote interaction between the customer and the store, using the most advanced technologies. For this reason, the partnership with Lenovo confirms our smart approach to the digitization of consumer habits and strengthens the user experience of the new Unieuro.it. “Commented Diego Farabegoli, Category Manager Information Technology of Unieuro.

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The creation and implementation of the virtual showroom was handled by Bluemotion, a visual communication company that creates photorealistic settings, 3D animations and immersive interactive experiences. that’s how Emiliano Sagnotti, CEO of the communication company, commented on the initiative:

“The experience that Lenovo and Unieuro customers live in the Virtual Showroom is very engaging, immersive, fascinating. The involvement is constantly fed by the curiosity to discover the Space and the products that the company offers. Through the levers of curiosity and discovery, the user immerses himself in the brand, dedicating much more time to it. The aesthetics of real and virtual spaces are designed to capture the gaze (and mind) of the spectator who is fascinated by them! The Lenovo and Unieuro Virtual Showrooms are a new way of creating emotional connections between brands and people “