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Lenovo is DreamWorks Workstation Innovation Partner

Lenovo is DreamWorks Workstation Innovation Partner

Lenovo is the new partner for the innovation of DreamWorks Animation workstation. The company’s solutions will provide the high-end power and performance needed to bring the new animated films of the future to life. The new collaboration strengthens the partnership between Lenovo and DreamWorks Animation which includes the provision of data centers.

Lenovo will provide the workstations to the DreamWorks Animation teams

With the new partnership agreement, DreamWorks will use Lenovo workstations such as ThinkStation P620 and ThinkStation P920. These solutions will be used across all departments for content and character development. Also the new studio filmThe Bad Guys, can count on the support of Lenovo technology.

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Lenovo’s new technology solutions will have to meet the needs of animation studio specialists, artists and engineers. The team needs high computational capacity for 3D modeling, rigging, surfacing and simulations to high-performance animation and creation of hyper-photorealistic renderings. Lenovo’s solutions aim to make the work of the many professionals in the studio even easier.

DreamWorks comment

Bill Ballew, DreamWorks Chief Technology Officer, points out: “We had the opportunity to test Lenovo’s ThinkStation P620 workstation and realized it is a game changer for our workflows. Based on the AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO architecture, the ThinkStation P620 delivers new and improved performance for multi-threaded application environments in which our team can take full advantage. ”