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Lego Worlds, the new Minecraft?


Lego Worlds, the new Minecraft?

When Minecraft came to the world of video game some people described it as a kind of Lego virtual. Well, with the release of Lego worlds we do not know which game has been based on one or the other because the resemblance to Minecraft is considerable. In fact, Lego worlds it’s a play open construction that allows users to create their own world using pieces of Lego virtual and also interact in the play with a customizable minifigure avatar.

Lego Worlds arrives, the new construction game similar to Minecraft

Lego worlds has been developed by TT Games, who have also created other games based on the stories of Lego for consoles and PC. Basically the new play from Lego It includes construction in an open way, that is, from brick to brick, in addition, it has several large-scale tools to modify entire landscapes and the inclusion of some predefined construction games that allow you to make different virtual kits of thematic sets of Lego that can be used for your real world building blocks.

The operating structure of Lego worlds It is very similar to the one you use Minecraft, however, the new play from Lego He has known how to use his fun way of understanding the world to improve the virtual world and offer players an attractive way of building similar to that of the well-known play in the reality. Although the multiplayer function is not included in this first version, it is planned for later updates.

Here we leave you the launch trailer to make a hole in your Pc before the arrival of the new game Lego Worlds, which is now available in beta by following this link on the Steam store. What do you think? Is it more fun than the famous play from Minecraft?

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