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LEGO launches the Doom the Gloom program

LEGO launches the Doom the Gloom program

The LEGO Group has launched a new program – named after Doom the Gloom – which includes fun and interactive guides, games and activities designed to help families grow with digital intelligence.

In partnership with the DQ Institute – a world leader in digital citizenship and online child safety – the Danish company has developed new fun tools and activities to equip children and families with the knowledge and online skills they need to thrive and be safe in a digital world.

At the heart of the new activities launched today, Doom the Gloom: a mix of mini-games and interactive videos that
provide children with the opportunity to explore and learn more about digital safety and well-being.
The Doom the Gloom experience explores eight areas of key competencies identified by the DQ Institute’s DQ Framework, which enable children to become positive digital citizens, which contribute to making
healthy online communities.

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LEGO: Doom the Gloom

Doom the Gloom learning experiences include:

Interactive videos:

– Stay True to You – to help children understand what a fingerprint is and how their online interactions can leave a lasting impression on the web;

– What Online Hero Are You – to show the importance of being kind to each other online;

– Train Your Digi-Sense – to support children in developing their critical reasoning skills, so they can evaluate information, content and friendships they encounter digitally.


– Power Up to Power Down – a playful insight into on-screen time management;

– Get Digi-Defensive – a fun introduction to privacy management and cybersecurity that helps kids create and protect strong passwords.

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Doom the Gloom also includes a “Hero Builder” feature, where kids can design their own virtual minifigures and add accessories they collect throughout the experience. Accessories are unlocked after each completed interactive mini-game or video. In this way, children are encouraged to upload screenshots of their minifigures to the LEGO Life platform to celebrate their journey into the world of digital citizenship.

The Doom the Gloom experience, which sees the child at the center of its mission, is completed by a series of
other tools to help parents and families become more digitally prepared.

The point of view

“As children spend more and more time online, also due to contingent situations such as dad e
social distance, it is extremely important that parents and families are equipped with easy-to-use tools
use, to enable their children to become good digital citizens with critical thinking from a young age
age”, said Yuhyun Park, founder of the DQ Institute and an international expert in digital and skills
online child safety.

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“This is why we believe the guide Digitally Smart and Explorer, Build & Talk and Doom the Gloom
are so current. We are very pleased to partner with the LEGO Group to develop these programs ”.

Kathrine Kirk Muff, Vice President of Social Responsibility of the LEGO Group, commented: “Playing games should be as safe in the digital world as in the physical one. That’s why we design all of our digital products and experiences, always having in mind the safety of children. Additionally, we want to do our part in ensuring that little ones and families can learn about digital safety and well-being through play experiences. We hope these new activities will allow families to have a fun understanding of what it means to be a good friend or online gamer – a digital citizen – to cultivate healthy safety habits and better understand how they can help create safer and more positive communities in the digital age. “.