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  • Legends of Runeterra proves itself: first approach
  • Attack and defense
  • Card Skills
  • Pay to Win left the game
  • Legends of Runeterra proven: definitive opinion

Riot Games just turned 10 years old and on the occasion of this special anniversary, he announced a big new video game. The software house that revolutionized the gaming world with the very famous League of Legends finally earns the right to keep that ghost “s” in its name, by publishing a new game set in the world of Lol. We're talking about the video card game Legends of Runeterra, has recently arrived in its Beta version which we tested for you.

Legends of Runeterra enters a scenario in which other competitive card video games have already established themselves, see Hearth, and where new developments find it difficult to find their place. Aware of this, Riot Games has the firm intention of challenging this genre by unleashing interesting new features, gameplay variations and all the charm of the League of Legends universe which has a community that is impressive to say the least.

Will he succeed in the business?

Legends of Runeterra proves itself: first approach

Legends of Runeterra has some essential card game peculiarities. There Board Game it is actually made up of two sections in which players can place their cards made up of Main heroes, secondary heroes And magic cards. As its name suggests, the Main heroes these are the legends of the most famous MOBA of all time which, even in card form, are placed in the hands of players to destroy, once again, the enemy Nexus. Secondary heroes these are weaker cards which represent generic and new characters belonging to the world of Runeterra and the different factions which inhabit it. THE Magicas their name suggests, these are powerful spells capable of turning the tide of a game.

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Already in this initial subdivision we find the first particularity of LoR represented by the use of mana. The latter is necessary to summon the different cards from the game board; The more powerful a card is, the more mana it takes to summon it. Nothing new yet. The particularity lies in the use of spell cards that use a different mana pool dedicated solely and exclusively to this type of cards. This then allows you to combine monster cards and spell cards in the same turn with devastating effects.

The aim of the game is, as expected, that of destroy the enemy Nexus capable of withstanding 20 blows. When cards attack enemy terrain and there are no heroes to defend it, hits will go directly to the Nexus.

Attack and defense

A long one awaits you in the first stages of the game Tutorial well detailed which will guide you step by step through all the types of cards and situations that you will encounter in the game. The presence of history of Runeterra (if you can talk about lore) is constant in all elements of the game, the strong point of LoR. In this title, in fact, the different types or elements of cards are represented by nations by Runeterra: Demacia, Noxus, Freljord, Piltover, Zaun, Ionia and the Dark Isles. These will give a soul to your cards and as is usual in this type of game, your deck can only contain two different types/nations. Each deck can contain a maximum of six main Heroes which will be added to the other cards for a total of 40 per deck.

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Once you've built your deck and completed the tutorial (I recommend it!), it's time to start a game. From the first moments we realize that LoR has introduced another particular novelty concerning the phases of play. If you are used to card games, you will surely know that the game is usually divided into one attack phase, activein which you decide the strategy to inflict damage points and a defense phase, passive, in which the attacked acts to reduce damage as much as possible. Riot Games, also in this case, distorts both phases by making them both active.

In fact, players spend a “Attack Token” which indicates who will have a chance to attack first. The attacker can perform the first action, such as summoning a card, which, however, will be immediately followed by the defender's response. The game is thus characterized by a continuous sequence of action-reaction, attack-defense which reduces downtime of passive phases, making the game more engaging, funny and particularly, faster. All this without sacrificing a good one strategic dose.

Card Skills

There strategy it is in fact linked to two elements: the possibility of choice given to the player and the powers, characteristics and levels of the cards.

Indeed, if the phases of play, as we have seen, are very dynamic and “fast”, it is the player who chooses, according to his possibilities and his intentions, how long the positioning phase should last. or when to attack. In fact, there is no time limit or the like. The attacker can freely choose to wait for more cards on their field and strike next turn or attack quickly before the opponent can build strong defenses.

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THE features of the cards they are another fundamental element even if they are more similar than other video games of this type. Each card has an attack value and life points, that is to say the blows he can receive before dying. Added to these are numerous other active and non-active effects which move the gameplay even further by offering interesting strategic possibilities. THE ability there are many and the most varied: we have the trait Short-lived which features cards that are generally powerful but will die after the first attack, cards with the trait Scary cannot be repelled by enemies whose power is less than three units of mana, units with Barrierinstead, they absorb the first hit immediately and so on.

To these functionalities are added the higher level that only and exclusively the main Heroes can obtain. Once certain circumstances are met, such as attacking the enemy Nexus or running out of cards in hand, Champions can step up, gain more health and attack points and use powerful new abilities. It is an additional element that guarantees unexpected actions that can change the fate of a game.

Pay to Win left the game

One of the features that scares card game players the most is that of Pay to win and Legends of Runeterra is not without this concern. Being, like League of Legends, a video game free to play, the presence of in-game purchases is at least a must. Aware, however, of the risks presented by the system, Riot Games has adopted a series of systems which will delight a large part of the community.

Legends of Runeterra: The card game in the League of Legends universe

The software publisher has in fact decided to limit the benefits of those who spend real money to purchase the game's premium currency, which will be spent almost exclusively on cosmetic items. Money can be used for gods Cheerful with which to create certain cards but there is no loot box with random content. To support this noble intention, there is also a maximum weekly spending limit which will make wild buying of jokers impossible. Moreover, all cards (currently 318 in number) can be obtained simply by playing and without spending a euro.

Legends of Runeterra proven: definitive opinion

Legends of Runeterra certainly has the potential able to acquire its place even in card games by skillfully combining classic game elements with interesting novelties, all decorated by the fantastic world of Runeterra and the characters that inhabit it. The choice not to do the Pay-to-Win game will be able to approach players tired of this practice present in other titles, further increasing the fanbase of the LOL franchise.

Although he is still in his Beta phase, the game has many elements, a relatively high number of cards and many excellent perspectives. This gives us hope for a future full of updates and news which maintain the interest of players. After trying Legends of Runeterra, we cannot yet say with certainty that it will become another global phenomenon, but certainly Riot Games did a great job, GG!

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