Learn the ABCs with Star Wars

In 1984, a fan of star wars (or a clever book publisher) had the brilliant idea of ​​publishing a book with the intention of teaching children the ABCs. It may sound crazy but the truth is that the idea was eventually realized and not only was a book published, but also an audiobook in cassette format (yes, cassette format, it was the eighties after all) that it accompanied each issue so that kids, probably hopelessly deranged geeks by now, could listen to it while they read it.

And not only that, in case the mixture of the alphabet and the ABC wasn't explosive enough, each letter was also explained with a little poem. The supposed procedure was that the child opened the first page, gave him the cassette and entered Wookies, Stormtroopers Yes banthas they ate the alphabet, sure of being top of the class later. I put the poem that came on the page with the letter 'A', which corresponded to the To Tobecause there is no waste:

The scariest thing I've ever seen
Does the terrible walking machine AT-AT
As big as a house on mechanical legs
Whatever works, it breaks like eggs

In this set of Flickr I was even able to find the letter H, which is of course Han SoloS. I couldn't find the others, but if anyone knows where they can be seen, let me know in the comments and I'll upload the rest. You can also consult the complete remaining list of each character/element of the saga associated with its corresponding letter on this page of the Wookieepedia.

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