League of Legends: visual overhaul of Tristana


  • Tristana is now officially a Yordle
  • League of Legends Champion Rework Notes
  • E – Explosive charge
  • Small changes to Tristana

Riot has announced a new visual overhaul for one of its champions, and this time it's Tristana's turn with a complete change in visual, skill and appearance. including your skins. If you want to know everything, keep reading.

Tristana is now officially a Yordle

Some of you won't know Tristana's secret but she wasn't always a yordle but she was wary but that didn't yield much results and Riot tried to change her to be officially a yordle and they finally did it with the help of this visual overhaul of the League of Legends champion.

The visual change is complete, the appearance of it, the skills and also the skins have also undergone this change so that those of you who have Tristana skins can now continue to enjoy them but renewed. The overhaul brought a new way to shoot the character and a small overhaul to some of his abilities.

League of Legends Champion Rework Notes

E – Explosive charge

Passive: When Tristana kills a unit, her shot explodes, dealing damage to all nearby enemies.

Active: Tristana places a charge on an enemy unit or tower. After a few seconds, the charge explodes, dealing damage to the target and nearby enemies. Using basic attacks on the target amplifies the charge and deals additional damage when it explodes. Tristana can also use Rocket Jump against a target to deal extra damage with her explosive charge.

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This new ability introduced new possibilities for dealing damage with Tristana: for example, you can put an explosive charge on an enemy champion and throw them towards their team with the R Destroy Shot. It would be like a Mixing Zilean's bombs with Lee Sin's kick but all in the same champion.

Small changes to Tristana

NOW Tristana's speed will be reduced but it will be an important asset in the champion's potential and also adds greater importance to Rapid Fire. Rocket Jump will deal less base damage but will do significantly more damage if used to detonate an explosive charge placed on a target.

With the visual overhaul, Tristana will look wilder, with fiercer eyes and animal ears, thus losing her girlish appearance that characterized the champion, something Riot thought about by focusing more on personality and his position as a soldier within the yordle. Additionally, the cannon has become the maximum exponent of his personality with more exaggerated animations when using his Rocket Jump or Destroy Shot.

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