League of Legends: here is the presentation video of Yuumi, the new champion

Riot Games published a video presentation of Yuumithe new hero who will join the Summoner's Wilderness League of Legends.

Yuumi, the magic cat (The magic cat) is a sample of support. The Colorful Cat's abilities are based on Magical Power (AP) and use the power of its spellbook to attack enemies and protect allies.

Here are the skills of the new hero:

  • Bop n' Block (Passive) – Occasionally, Yuumi's next attack against an opponent restores mana and grants them a shield.
  • Prowler Projectile (Q) – Yuumi launches a projectile that deals magic damage. The trajectory of the missile can be changed when launching with the mouse.
  • You and me (W) – Yuumi lunges at an allied champion by bonding to them and following their movements. In this position, it can only be attacked by enemy towers. As long as she is linked to an ally, Yuumi will not be able to attack but will be able to continue using her abilities. Additionally, she and her ally gain a percentage of each's AD converted into Adaptive Strength.
  • Zooms (E) – Yuumi heals herself and gains movement speed. If Yuumi is linked to an ally, she heals and speeds them up. The spell has two charges.
  • Final chapter (R) – Yuumi finally opens her book and launches waves of magic damage at enemies. During her ultimate, Yuumi can move, attack enemies, and heal allies.

Yuumi, the magic cat will enter League of Legends in the next update.

Codename: Project L. The new League of Legends fighting game