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Riot Games announces today a new champion For League of Legends: it is Yes, the brother of the swordsman Yasuo. The new character will be available in patch 10.16 and is the latest announcement related to the new Spirit Flower event.

Yone – All the details of the new character

You are the third champion to emerge in history landing on the Rift, and while we think it's a spectacular way to continue the League's narrative, we'd be lying if we said it didn't cause us plenty of headaches. Till today, Yone was just a passing shadow in Yasuo's story: we only knew him from his point of view, and that wasn't enough to create a compelling champion.

But how could we transform a secondary character in a protagonist (or in an anti-hero) remain faithful to the work accomplished so far? A Tale of Two Brothers We first met Yone when he was chasing his brother Yasuo, who ended up killing him. That's all we got in those seven years: a brief glimpse of the worst moment of his (and Yasuo's) life.

Before we brought him back from the dead, we had to answer a few basic questions. “The last time we saw Yone, we gave him up for dead,” said Sgt.narrative writer Michael “Riot Pls” Yichao. “I first considered the possibility of reveal that he actually survived, but it didn't seem appropriate. Besides not doing justice to Yasuo, she didn't do it to him either. I wanted to continue the story of these two brothers without completely rewriting it or taking away the experiences they had had. “

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More sample details

THE relationship between Yone and Yasuo it has always been complicated, but before the betrayal and murder, they were two brothers raised together and trained by the same master, so they must necessarily share certain traits.

“At first I wanted Yone to be a sort of 'mirror' of Yasuo. I know it sounds strange, but we wanted to reduce Yasuo's pick rate for the good of League! » explains the sample designer Jonathan “EndlessPillows” Fuller. “Yasuo is the most played League of Legends champion. Providing the main champion with an alternative with similar mechanics could help increase each game's diversity and sense of novelty. »

However, this approach did not work. Creating a champion with Yasuo's characteristics without ending up with a simple version 2.0 is practically impossible. Despite EndlessPillows' many attempts, we ultimately had to agree that it was not possible to create a better Yasuo than Yasuo.

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