LCD Soundsystem asks its fans not to leak their album but it's too late

Nowadays, the most normal thing in the world is for highly anticipated albums to be leaked well before their release. To give you an idea, Congratulations by MGMT was available a month before the official presentation. In fact, this trend of leaks has become so common over time that artists and record labels are slowly realizing that there is nothing they can do to prevent it.

A while ago I read that Coldplay frontman Chris Martin said that even he didn't have access to what they recorded of his new album because it was in a safe on the top floor of his record company building. Yes, they have reached this point.

This time the subject concerns LCD sound systema group that mixes rock and electronic music and which performed in New York last week. James Murphythe singer, during the presentation made a request to his fans after playing songs that would be in his new production:

If you get a copy and feel like sharing it with the rest of the world, please don't. We spent two years making the production and we want to release it. Money doesn't matter to me. After it's released, give it to anyone for free, but until then, just have it with you.

Unfortunately, it seems that the command was not very useful because the disk not only leaked, but already flooded the entire network and can be found anywhere.

It's interesting to see how far the Internet has come in relation to music. As I said before, leaking an album today is very common and in fact it's weird that it doesn't happen. Many artists use this as promotion and many others go so far as to ask their fans for a favor, like Murphy.

Gizmodo and its iPhone 4G exclusivity, was it necessary to crush the person responsible for the leak?

I can imagine how frustrating it must be for a person to have worked so hard on something and have it do « whatever they want », but you also have to adapt to the current times and if the We know that a leak today is therefore normal (I don't say that okay) we should not give it more importance than it deserves.

Via: TorrentFreak