Latest Shot on iPhone Ads Feature Animals


  • Photo taken on iPhone by Linda h.
  • Filmed on iPhone by Tim W.

Apple launched a campaign to promote its smartphone camera in spring 2015. Interestingly, the launch came just a day after Samsung revealed its Galaxy S6 and compared photos of its latest flagship with those allegedly taken on an iPhone 6. in which everything was black (manipulated, of course). The campaign launched as Shot on iPhone 6, but is now simply called Shot on iPhone.

From time to time, Apple updates its campaign to include new photos or videos. In the case of videos, we can see any type of scene, but it seems that the most interesting are those that have been recorded in slow motion. The last thing they added to this campaign is two announcements in which the protagonists are a squirrel and an ant but, as you will see below, performing very different tasks.

Photo taken on iPhone by Linda h.

Both ads have a very similar structure to other Apple ads. They have a total duration of 15 seconds, 12 seconds of the recorded scene plus 3 with labels. In the first of the advertisements, we can see a squirrel enjoying a peanut. Or, you will like it when you open it. If I'm not mistaken, the video is recorded in slow motion.

Filmed on iPhone by Tim W.

In the second video we have a ant carrying something, with a background song that talks about « work ». This is why he says that the two animals protagonists of these two advertisements do very different things: the squirrel enjoys its food while the ant works. This second video appears to have been recorded at normal speed, but I'm not sure.

The new iPhone 7 will make us choose the Home Click button

While I was writing these lines, I had in mind that to record slow motion with the iPhone 6s you have to do it at 120fps if you want to record in 1080p or lower the resolution to 720p if you want to record twice as slow, at 240fps. Previous models could only record at 120fps/720p, so I'm curious to see how the iPhone 7 with its larger cameras, in the case of the Plus (or Pro) model with a dual camera. In any case, to see a Shot on iPhone 7 ad you will have to wait no less than three months.

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