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Last day to download The Lion’s Song for free on the Epic Games Store

Last day to download The Lion’s Song for free on the Epic Games Store

Free PC games from the Epic Games Store have now become a tradition and soon a new free game will be announced by the digital video game store. Last Thursday it was made free for all PC gamers The Lion’s Song, a narrative adventure that will be available for a few more hours. In fact, you have until tomorrow afternoon to redeem the game for free. But let’s find out more.

The Lion’s Song for free

The Lion’s Song is a narrative adventure video game set in the early 20th century and focuses on a group of Austrian artists and scientists. The game is divided into a series of episodes that carefully cross with creativity and inspiration the personal difficulties of the various protagonists. The episodes are:

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Each character has an exceptional mind and the game catapults players into a story that tells of internal struggles to regain creativity, human connections and inspiration. A talented composer suffering from writer’s block before her debut gig, an up-and-coming painter who improves upon overcoming difficulty after difficulty and brilliant mathematics trying to make herself heard in a world of men only. It will be the choices that the player will make that will determine whether the protagonists will achieve the success they deserve.

How to download the Lion ‘s Song?

To redeem your free digital copy of The Lion’s Song, just create an account, also free of charge, onEpic Game Store and visit the page dedicated to Pine. Once redeemed, the game will remain in your digital library forever.

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We remind you that to download the game it is necessary to activate thetwo-factor authentication account with your phone number. (F2A), which has now become mandatory on the Epic Games Store. Remember that The Lion’s Song will be redeemable only until 4:59 pm on May 20th.