Last chance to buy classic Super Mario games for Nintendo Switch


  • Nintendo removes Super Mario anniversary games from Switch eShop
  • Titles that will be removed on March 31

Nintendo wanted to celebrate Super Mario 35th Anniversary with a series of classic games, dusted off for the occasion on Nintendo Switch. At the end of March, however, he wants to remove the decorations and end the celebrations, remove some of these games from the eShop. So you have until the end of the month to grab them.

Nintendo removes Super Mario anniversary games from Switch eShop

Over the years, Disney has made known the « safe » tactic: instead of always leaving its titles available for purchase, it removes them from the market from time to time. So when a new version of a cartoon is released on Blu-Ray or streaming, fans rush to watch it for nostalgia. Nintendo plans to do the same thing with certain games, released for celebrate Super Mario's 35th anniversary. It is therefore better to buy them immediately, because from March 31, they will be removed from the eShop.

Titles that will be removed on March 31

Nintendo has decided to put back in its “digital safe”:

  • Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, game released in 1990 only in Japan and finally available in English. This is the last chance to play as Marth!
  • Super Mario Bros. 35, which lets you run and jump through levels of the original game, defeating enemies sent by online opponents.
  • Super Mario 3D All-Stars, which includes Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy in a package optimized for the Switch.
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Additionally, from March 31, Nintendo stops shipping the console Game and Watch: Super Mario Bros. to resellers (remains available while stocks last).

In addition to purchasing this game designed for Mario's birthday (here you will find the dedicated page on the Nintendo eShop), you will also be able to recreate certain scenes from the plumber's video games on your Animal Crossing island, as we explain to you here. Also don't forget to congratulate Zelda and Link, who just turned 35.

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