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Lamborghini integrates Amazon Alexa for car control

Lamborghini integrates Amazon Alexa for car control

From 2021 the offer of connected services Lamborghini improves again: up Huracán EVO he arrives Amazon Alexa for complete control of the car. The Amazon voice assistant supports Apple Carplay, Android Auto and Web Radio in models with the “Smartphone Interface and Connected Services“.

Amazon Alexa arrives on Lamborghini cars

From this year, Huracán EVO drivers can ask Alexa to regulating the climate, heating the seats, managing the ambient light. They can also activate and regulate navigation, manage calls and choose entertainment. But Lamborghini also integrates Alexa into the LDVI system (Lamborghini Dinamica Veicolo Integrata). A simple voice command is therefore enough to get feedback on dynamics via the LIS screen. In real time, you can understand the performance of torque distribution, Lamborghini Dynamic Steering (LDS) and traction control.

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Always connected

Not only can you have full control of your Lamborghini: you can also monitor and check home. In fact, from the car you can control the devices connected at home: monitor access gates, adjust thermostats and lighting systems. Preparing the house before even getting there.

Through periodic updates over the air, Lamborghini Connected makes it easy to update Alexa so you don’t have to do anything but have internet access. This way you always have the latest features and support for the latest devices. Even the owners of the current Huracán EVO I can update for free at authorized Lamborghini dealers.

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In short, from today you have a new possibility to simplify your life while you are driving your Lamborghini. If it is true that the excellent quality of the engine does not change, you will certainly drive more relaxed knowing that you have everything (car and home) under control. Find more information on the Lamborghini website.