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Kobold VR300: the new vacuum cleaner robot that responds to Alexa

Kobold VR300: the new vacuum cleaner robot that responds to Alexa

The new Kobold VR300 robot vacuum cleaner promises to amaze with his own high suction power and smart control functions.

Ideal for anyone who leads a busy and busy life that leaves little time for home care. It is not necessary to give up order and cleanliness: with this new device it will be possible to keep an apartment clean while working all day!

Kobold VR300: can be easily managed from the App or via Alexa

The peculiarity of the new model of Kobold lies precisely in the management functionality via the Kobold Robot App or via the Amazon Alexa voice commands in Italian. In this way it will be possible to operate the robot at any time and at any distance.

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With the special SLAM technology (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping), the Kobold Robot vacuums surfaces in a systematic and efficient way: it does its job with care and precision, detecting any fragile objects using ultrasonic sensors; cleans flush with the wall and in the corners, avoiding stairs thanks to the difference in height sensors.

Excellent performance and high suction power: deep cleaning

The high suction power of the new Kobold robot is ensured by a High efficiency long life DC motor and a new brush technology for very accurate dust collection. The main brush performs 1,800 revolutions per minute and guarantees a really deep cleaning. Cleans all types of surfaces, overcomes compact obstacles up to a height of 2 cm and carpets up to 1.5 cm. During the cleaning cycle, dust and dirt are captured in the dust container which has a capacity of 0.530 l.

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Also, thanks to a cleaning plan programmable via the app, the robot can clean on the days and times set by its owner, even when the house is completely devoid of humans to handle it. As we said, we can operate the robot even from a distance: when we are at work, at the cinema, playing sports in the gym. Once the first cleaning cycle is complete Kobold VR300 manages to draw a complete mapping of the house and also marks the Off-Limits areas that it will not have to reach. Of course we can decide for ourselves which areas to delimit: for example our child’s bedroom or the bathroom!

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Finally, you can choose between the cleaning mode “Home (all rooms)” or “Spot“- both also available inEco optionwhich ensures prolonged autonomy and greater silence. The powerful high capacity lithium ion battery guarantees the robot up to 60 minutes of autonomy in Normal mode, extendable up to 90 minutes in Eco option. In case it needs to recharge, the Kobold Robot Vacuum Cleaner automatically returns to the charging base and then resumes cleaning from where it left off. The Cleaning Report provides information on the activity carried out (surfaces treated, sizes and times). Thanks to the update function, via internet connection, the new Robot software can be installed directly via the App.

Kobold VR300 and Alexa: the perfect couple!

The features related to the use of Amazon Alexa voice assistance through enabled devices (such as Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Dot) allow you to “Command” the robot by saying simple phrases while comfortably seated: for example “Alexa, ask Robot Kobold to clean”.

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In addition to starting the cleaning, Alexa can pause and resume itor return the Robot to the charging base. The possibilities of use are many, and to enjoy the advantages of the new Alexa Kobold Robot skill, simply install the Amazon Alexa App on your smartphone. In the navigation menu of the app select “Skill” and type “Kobold” or “Kobold Robot” in the search field.

With all these features, household chores will no longer be a problem and you can devote yourself to many other much more enjoyable activities!

Availability and price

It is possible to buy the Kobold VR300 Robot Vacuum Cleaner from Kobold Agents, in the Vorwerk Points and on the official website at price of 950,00 €.