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KingZone Z1 smartphone, the real king of the jungle

KingZone Z1 smartphone, the real king of the jungle

The Chinese technology KingZone launches the Z1, a high-end Smartphone but at a very reasonable price so that it can almost be guaranteed the success it will have in the European and North American market. With 2 GB of RAM and an eight-core MT6752A processor, we are facing a reliable and robust Smartphone

KingZone Z1 smartphone, the real king of the jungle

KingZone is a new Chinese technology that offers, in essence, the same as its Asian competitors, that is, High-end smartphone at more than competitive prices. In essence we are facing a 64-bit model with an eight-core MT6752A processor.

Its 2 GB of RAM memory allows the Smartphone can run any application of those that currently exist for the Android Operating System. Sensu stricto we are not facing an Android, but before the KOS Operating System version 1.2, which is a development from Android Kit Kat 4.4.

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Regarding the design of KingZone Z1, it can be described as minimalist. Made entirely of aluminum, with this material what it achieves is to combine robustness with lightness. The weight of the Z1 is only 139 grams.

Separate mention deserves the screen that has a transparency rate 30% higher than any other that has IPS technology. For this, nothing better than experimenting with the LTPS technology that allows improvements in everything that has to do with brightness, color and sharpness. At the same time, this LPTS technology allows considerable energy savings.

Also noteworthy is the photographic camera equipment of the Z1. Its main camera renders a resolution of 13 megapixels with an aperture of up to F / 2.0 of 28 millimeters and with an LED flash. The front camera, that of the selfies, is 8 megapixels, enough for that kind of ingenious photos.

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The security section is also commendable since it offers the phone lock / unlock by fingerprint, something very necessary if the Smartphone is to be given a business use where the information stored may be priceless.

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