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King’s Bounty II release date revealed

King’s Bounty II release date revealed

1C Entertainment and Koch Media announced the King’s Bounty II official release date, the next installment in the acclaimed King’s Bounty turn-based tactical RPG series. The new chapter will be published on August 24, 2021 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

The previous launch date, March 2021, has been revised to ensure the best experience for players when the game is available.

King’s Bounty II, release date revealed

Nikolay Baryshnikov, the CEO of 1C Entertainment, revealed that he and the team had to make the decision to move King’s Bounty II later in 2021 to offer the team the time it takes to give the audience the best possible experience of the title.

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Instead Denis Maltzev, Producer of King’s Bounty II, said that they are currently in a phase where the game is complete and playable but they need more time to finish various tests and fix other game details. For this reason, postponing the launch will give them precious months for the balancing phase, necessary for such an important project.

Maltzev further stated that seeing fans so happy and full of passion, makes them proud to have such a community. To conclude he stated that the whole team is grateful for the support and asks the audience for a little more patience for the title. The Producer trusts that it will not be too long a delay then invite players to stay tuned to their channels to receive all updates on the title.

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To stay tuned to the latest news on the game, you can visit the site of Koch Media and 1C Entertainment.

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