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King’s Bounty II is the new video of the Q&A with the team

King’s Bounty II is the new video of the Q&A with the team

1C Entertainment And Koch Media continue to work on King’s Bounty 2 but they decided to publish a Q&A video (question and answer) in which they respond to fan responses. The 7-minute video answers questions such as: what races and monsters a player can use in battles, unit differences, customization, links to previous King’s Bounty games, and more.

King’s Bounty 2 and the Q&A video

The new chapter of King’s Bounty expands turn-based tactical battles to offer players an immersive RPG experience that adds weight to their every decision, whether it be lead an army into battle against non-living monsters, both of build relationships with local citizens.

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Get ready to discover a rich world that blends realism and fantasy, filled with compelling stories, memorable characters and moral choices galore. You players will have the option to take on the role of one of the three available heroeseach with its own personality and its background.

You will have to experience a non-linear adventure in an open and vibrant fantasy world divided into two distinct phases. In these stages you will have to go through the kingdom from one third person perspectivecollecting missions, exploring the wilderness and getting to know the people you find on your path.

When the conflict arises, however, the prospect will move to turn-based tactical combat. King’s Bounty 2 will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and also on PC. To stay up to date and be the first to find out the official release date of the title, visit the official website.

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