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King Rabbit is the free game of the week on the App Store

King Rabbit is the free game of the week on the App Store

As you know, Apple has the detail of giving us a paid application, for a whole week, said application becomes completely free so that we can take advantage of its download and thus save a few pennies. Normally the quality of these applications is questionable, but from time to time we find real applications or games that are really worthwhile, as is the case with King Rabbit, this game developed by an independent company that will make you have a lot of fun and good, We tell you why you should download King Rabbit now that it’s free.

Normally King Rabbit costs €0.99, it’s not much, but it already represents a saving that makes your purchase interesting, especially considering that it is a game and that it does not have integrated purchases. In a game that has made a curious mixture of pixel art and art as drawings. Really his characters are very charismatic and the environment is worked, of course it is not a Leo’s Fortune, but it is really worth it. We leave you a video of the gameplay:

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King Rabbit must rescue his rabbit-citizens from evil enemies! The mix between puzzles and action in each level will challenge your mind and delight your senses. Immerse yourself in a wonderful world with secrets that should never be discovered.
INTERESTING ITEMS – Keys, Potions, Crowns, Bombs, Saws, Crowbars, Switches, Nails, Shooting Turrets, Burrows.
BEAUTIFUL STYLING – A distinct and complex style, each object is carefully drawn and animated.
INTUITIVE LEVELS – Increasingly challenging levels that are carefully designed to help you learn to play.
EASY TO PLAY – Simply swipe to move in any direction you want.

• Game Center Ranking and Achievements
• Compatible with iPhone and iPad
• iCloud Support
• Only available on the App Store

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As they already comment, It is an exclusive game totally from the App Store, so only iOS users will be able to enjoy it, it is also a totally universal game, totally compatible with your iPad and your iPhone. Take advantage and download it while you can.

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