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King of Wushu new moba for PC and Xbox One announced

King of Wushu new moba for PC and Xbox One announced

The Snail Games company today announced, during a Microsoft conference in Shanghai, its new game for the PC and Xbox One platforms, King of Wushu.

The game will be of the MOBA genre, a genre that is very fashionable lately thanks to games like League of Legends and Dota 2. The game will have a very oriental style, and martial arts will be very present in the game. It is also known to use the CryEngine 3 engine, which we saw working wonders in Crysis 2.

In addition, Snail Games has given information about its history and its gameplay:

The game will take place during the chaotic days following the fall of a great emperor. The great champions of martial arts will gather from the farthest corners of the country to demonstrate their skills. The battlefield will bring you glory and fame as you try to become the king of wushu.

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King of Wushu will have elements of traditional MOBAs, players will face off in 5 versus 5 games across a map, with the aim of defending their base while trying to destroy the rival base. In addition, players will experience a more active combat system, in which we can dodge, jump and perform combos.

We leave you with the game trailer:

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