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King of Spain to Hugo Chávez: “Why don’t you shut up?”

King of Spain to Hugo Chávez: “Why don’t you shut up?”

After what Chavez will rate the conservative one more time Jose Maria Aznar (ex-president of Spain) of fascist, and while the president Shoemaker I was trying to remind him that he was between democratic countries where respect must prevail, King Juan Carlos quite angry he said to him: “Why don’t you shut up?” immediately the Spanish president – and with an attempt at mediation from Michelle bachelet– He asked his Venezuelan counterpart to avoid personal disqualifications even when he does not agree with Aznar’s ideas and way of governing.

There is a famous saying: I do not share your ideas, but I would give my life because you can defend them and although Zapatero is obviously in disagreement with the Spanish right, he has firmly defended the possibility that anyone has the ideas they want and that everybody respect her, in her own words:

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President Hugo Chávez, I believe that there is an essence and a principle in dialogue, and that is to respect and to be respected we must try not to fall into disqualification. You can radically disagree with ideas, denounce ideas, behaviors without falling into disqualification.

And could not miss the PP and his totally blind and foolish opposition; They accuse Zapatero for Chávez’s actions. In that party they believe that the Spanish government has a “little gadget” (envoy from the future) that controls what comes out of the Venezuelan president’s mouth.

Upgrade: Aznar communicates by phone with Zapatero to thank him for his support.