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King of Seas Trial – Boarding!

King of Seas Trial – Boarding!

The Italian excellences in terms of video games are making themselves felt more and more, especially after the recent one decree promoted by Ministry of Culture. Therefore, if our local teams are able to bring more and more valuable products to the current panorama, we cannot fail to mention 3DCLouds, whose developments we have followed over time. After sowing panic on the four wheels of karts in All-Star Fruit Racing and even more powerful racing cars in Xenon Racer, now the Milanese team decides to sail in unknown waters. Literally. The new effort is entitled King of Seas, an action RPG set in a pirate world, of which we tried the demo version. Here’s what we could test in just 60 minutes, pending the final version. When can we embark on this adventure? From next May 25 on Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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King of Seas – And sailing isn’t always sweet in this sea

The world has never been easy, not even in the past, not even when you are the son of a sovereign. Although we are surrounded by beautiful crystal clear waters and verdant archipelagos that dot the expanse of water resembling pure blue velvet, we choose to wear the clothes of Marylou or Luki, the two sons of the King of the seas. Our position will not be facilitated by blood ties with the sovereign, on the contrary. The latter ends up falling prey to a death trap and we will pay the consequences. We are blamed for being the proponents of the attack on the king, even though we were not even present in the palace at the time of the crime.

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We just have to roll up our sleeves and prove our innocence… staining ourselves with as many crimes and fighting battles at sea. After these brief introductory moments of dialogue, during which the characters are presented statically on the screen, we begin a maneuver our ship. It is a simple boat that we will be able to upgrade more and more as we go we gain experience and material points necessary. We take the first steps, or rather we plow the first waves, covering ever greater distances. Nevertheless, in such a limited time as that of the demo, we unfortunately did not have the opportunity to explore the available map far and wide.

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King of Seas


€ 24.99

In fact, we were able to complete only the very first assigned missions, but enough to begin to discover what awaits us in the waters of King of Seas. Not just dangerslike sudden purple tentacles that emerge from the sea, or explosives ready to blow up our boat, but also men in the sea that we can save and add to our crew, treasures to accumulate, even on land, and above all enemy ships to attack. The latter will clearly be both of different types, and with a variable resistance, which will also determine the success or failure of our fight.

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Threats from the sea and unlikely characters

Between a navigation and a battle in the open sea with cannon shots, we were also able to visit some ports. These are often surrounded by control points and towers from which the opponents are ready to shoot us on sight, as soon as they perceive a threat coming. In these cities, therefore, we can visit some points of interest that can be selected from a menu. Among the various places, the tavern to gather information or the market where you can buy supplies and useful materials and little else, to better prepare ourselves between one navigation and another.

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In these environments, as well as throughout the story, we can meet different characters. Their dialogic lines are able to characterize the personality of each (net of some linguistic oversights) and to present to the player each figure with its own identity. It will be a couple of unlikely elders, our faithful allies, to support us in these early stages. They will give us directions and give orders for complete the very first missions, not always easy to complete, and not because of the selected difficulty.

Crew, attack!

If indeed we can choose between three of the five difficulty levels provided in the final version of the game, the difficulty lies in certain moments of the fight. It will happen above all if you decide to maneuver your boat with only the use of the keyboard, if you were from a PC, without installing any controller to help you. In fact, the ship will take a few seconds too long during the maneuvers to be able to hit the enemies properly. A dynamic that can sometimes even overturn the situation if they hit you and make you sink. True is also another point of the game, his dynamism and procedural generation: Not only are the mechanics of exploration constantly renewed, but there are also changes in the naval routes to follow and the difficulty adapts to our progress.

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Finally, if the 2D realization of the characters hasn’t wowed us too much, quite the opposite the graphic rendering of the sea and of the alternation between day and night was done in a truly accurate way. This makes it easier to navigate and observe various details on a screen. Here we always display the status of our ship, which can only be repaired when we are not sailing and not fighting, and other useful statistics. Not only that: also the easily usable menu it makes the understanding of the game and the elements present in it more immediate. Although there are, at least in this first phase, clearly few.

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Finally, the technical response at our commands is immediate. Although there is a bit of difficulty in some points, as highlighted above, the final result in battle will be determined above all by two variables. The first is the customization of the ship, as they are foreseen five types of boats, with different equipment systems and abilities. The second is instead in the strategy adopted in combat. Not only different types of cannonballs to shoot, but also how many nodes to navigate and which skills to field. A limited selection in these first few minutes of the game, but which promises to be ever wider as you progress.

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From what we’ve observed so far, we expect King of Seas to be a title able to take the baton of a series of games that we have been able to know over time, such as Pirates !, Sea of ​​Thieves or the Port Royale franchise, just to name a few of the most famous examples launched on the market so far. We are really curious to discover even more of the mysteries that lurk in these waters and of the fate that awaits our hero protagonist. We just have to wait a very short time and finally be able to leave our safe harbor. We look forward to launching into stormy waters and battling the last cannon shot.

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If you want to buy King of Seas, you can do it from the PS Store.