King of Seas has a release date: free demo available

King of Seas finally has an official release date, after the postponement last February. The pirate raids developed by the Italian software house 3D Clouds will start in May, while a free demo is currently available on Steam.

King of Seas, release date and features

King of Seas will hit shelves starting next May 25And it can be purchased on Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC consoles. The title is configured as a procedural RPG, which has as its central theme the world of pirates and navigation.

According to the official incipt of the plot, King of Seas will see us engaged in an epic adventure in a fantasy world, full of islands, treasures and deadly battles. One of the most interesting features of the game is its proceduralitywhich will create the game world from scratch in a totally random way when starting a new game.

A video game that aims to be always new and varied and that completes its playful offer with an smeteorological system that directly affects the maneuverability of vessels that we are going to pilot. In addition to this King of Seas allows a great customization of the ships both from the aesthetic point of view and the abilities, while the combat system seems to be a mixture between the real-time strategic and hard and pure action.

According to what was declared by the software house there will be more than 20 skills and 3 branches of specialization to experiment with the playstyle that best suits our preferences. If you want to experience the battles of the game first hand, we point out that a free demo is currently available on Steam.

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The launch of King of Seas is undoubtedly a great opportunity for the guys at 3D Clouds, who have the opportunity to land on the international market with their product. For our part, we can only wish good luck for their pirate indie.

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