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King of math 2, free for a limited time

King of math 2, free for a limited time

The app of the week is not the only app that we can get for free on the App Store every week, but the developers too they offer us from time to time a discount on their applications or offer them completely free of charge. Every week, we usually select several applications that are temporarily available for download completely free of charge. This time it was the turn of the King of Mathematics application, the second version of the King of Mathematics, a game for all the family to improve our mental calculation skills.

During the development of the game we have to go on a journey full of challenging questions, puzzles and math problems. During our journey we will unlock new worlds and levels with new characters in order to reach the throne and become the king or queen of that world.

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King of Maths 2 is a game designed for the whole family to enjoy math. Thanks to this game we can improve our math skillss, practicing quick mental math and solving problems in the most curious ways. We can play against the clock and share the results with our friends around the world thanks to the connection with Game Center. This version of the game includes 125 unique screens. Each world presents us with different problems with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Currently the app is available for download for free, but we don’t know until when, so it is best to download it as soon as possible, to save the 1.99 euros that the application costs in the App Store.

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