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King of Fighters XV: Team Orochi is returning

King of Fighters XV: Team Orochi is returning

SNK Corporation just announced that three new fighters will return in King of Fighters XV. Specifically, to make their return to the fighting game will be the members of Team OrochiChris, Shermie and Yashiro Nanakase, absent in the saga for almost twenty years.

King of Fighters XV new characters arrive

Team Orochi is made up of characters not seen in the main King of Fighters saga since 2002. Now they are back with their unique motives and special moves, all of them are part of the rock group CYS. Chris, the singer, with an angelic smile and a ruthless nature. Although he is unfamiliar with martial arts, he uses his unmatched speed to overwhelm his opponents.

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It is then the turn of Yashiro, the guitarist. This character is over 600 years old and is looking for the power held by the creature known as Verse. Finally there is Shermieas fascinating as it is dangerous. This fashion designer plays the piano in the group and is particularly adept at wrestling moves. In battle she uses her flexible body to pin her enemies to the ground between well-aimed kicks and suplexes.

Also in Samurai Showdown a new character will be added. We are talking about Hibiki Takane, which joins the fights as the second addition of four of the game’s third season pass. Hibiki is originally from The Last Blade 2 and in the transposition in Samurai Showdown she has preserved all the traits of her most iconic of her.

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After setting out on a journey due to her father’s last words, the young samurai found herself catapulted into 1787 where she will have to fight with a myriad of fighters to complete her mission. Normally shy and reserved, she Hibiki hides a thirst for blood that emerges only in duels against other samurai, strong in her to the point of risking consuming her.