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King Legend: the biggest update ever

King Legend: the biggest update ever

505 Games And Magnus Games revealed the contents of the biggest update ever released for King Legend arriving on December 20.

For those who still don’t know, Re Legend is an all-encompassing JRPG simulator that expertly combines monster-raising game mechanics and multiplayer features. The game is set in the world of Ethia, where players will wake up, with no memories, on the beach of Vokka Island and have to find a way to remember the forgotten past. They will learn to survive by farming the land, raising cattle, fishing, making friends with other inhabitants, expanding the village, crafting weapons and training in combat. Doing so will increase their abilities to tame and raise the Magnus, magical creatures that will prove to be of fundamental help in their adventures in this world full of dangers.

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The big update

The new content in the patch will enhance the gameplay experience, introducing a number of changes discussed with the game community. The update introduces the Desert, a new biome that brings with it a vast new range of Magnus to discover and raise, and a new Christmas-themed island populated by special creatures. The Legendary Magnusa new species of Magnus, created directly in cooperation with the top backers of the campaign Kickstarter which made the game a success.

Thanks to the enormous work done on the mission system and in expanding the number of missions, players will be able to access an even more immersive adventure and will now have access to a more stable multiplayer experience. The new system will be tested extensively before the release of the patch through an open beta, accessible from December 6 to all players who want to participate.

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Re: Legend is now available on steam in Early Access for € 19.99.