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Kanye West’s privacy violated on Amazon: several employees spied on her account

Kanye West’s privacy violated on Amazon: several employees spied on her account

According to reports from Wired and Reveal, amazon staff of the multiple ranks have violated the privacy of numerous stars such as Kanye West.

Amazon: privacy of Kanye West and The Avengers actors violated

According to a new report by Wired, the security of Amazon’s internal data would be extremely vulnerable. Staff, even of the lowest rank, would be able to browse users’ purchase history. Obviously, the matter becomes extremely morbid when it comes to celebrities.

A real violation of privacy, which remembers a lot, albeit with different methods, what Bob Dylan suffered, with a fan willing to even rummage through his garbage. The artist in question this time is Kanye West. In fact, the Wired report reports the testimony of a former Amazon employee. This he would have claimed to have seen with his own eyes of colleagues scroll down the purchase history of Kanye West and some stars of the cast of the movie The Avengers. The same witness states that the research also involved purchases of a personal nature by various celebrities, such as *** toys.

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Another source inside Amazon reported that the practice of violating privacy it would be very widespreadis that there would be employees who would constantly monitor the purchases of former partners. A serious situation, which risks damaging the name and professionalism of the online shopping giant. However, Amazon denied everything, and did so through an official statement:

“The company has invested, and continues to invest, in technological tools and systems designed to guarantee user privacy. Our own policy is extremely strict regarding our customers’ personal data and all of our employees are required to observe and respect this view. We will investigate what has emerged, but for now we reject the idea that these maneuvers are in common use in Amazon. “

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A widespread problem: the Uber case

Wired’s report, which is based on interviews with former employees and internal documents, paints a troubling picture. The amount of sensitive data would be so vast that it would be beyond Amazon’s control: the company would be practically unable to guarantee the privacy of its users. Gary Gagnonvice president of Amazon’s information security team in 2017, told Wired that Amazon’s security systems, at the time of his arrival, were “bordering on ridicule.”

Amazon wouldn’t be the only tech company where staff have used their data access to spy on users. Businessinsider reports that, in 2020, some former employees of Uber they would have access to celebrity accounts, including one belonging to Beyoncé.